How Much Survival Food Is Enough

How Much Survival Food Is Enough?

On survival and preparedness websites, there are lots of posts related to food storage. Topics include subjects such as what is the best survival food, issues related to growing/harvesting your own food, how best to preserve food, etc.

But what about this… how much is enough?

Survival food storage is an insurance policy of sorts, against emergency, disaster, or worse.

The amount of food that any one person chooses to store is a wide ranging thing, and is related to one’s risk tolerance, one’s resources, one’s perception of a disaster’s likelihood, one’s motivation to store food, and more…

Common sense tells us that short term disruption scenarios, or ‘garden variety’ emergencies, are probably more likely to occur than some of the greater disaster scenarios, so one might think that preparing for ‘ordinary’ disaster is good enough.

On the other hand, although a SHTF scenario may seem more unlikely to some, the fact is that should it occur, it will impact you in a much more severe way. And having not prepared for that, will or could be life threatening.

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