Starter Guide to Aquaponics

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DIY Aquaponics Kit

When it comes to gardening and growing your own food, few technologies have a stronger potential impact on self sustainability and healthy living than aquaponics. In a world stricken with poverty, this technology, if implemented correctly, could help shift the masses from dependency to self-reliance which could affect us all on a global scale by ending world hunger.

The reason is because through this method of food production there is no easier way to become completely self-sufficient while eating healthy, organically grown fruits and vegetables. It may seem complicated or overwhelming but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Once your system is up and running, all it takes is a little “aquarium” maintenance to keep it going for the season or for years and years if you like.

Aquaponics is not dependent on the weather or climate (within a temperature controlled greenhouse), which means you can do this just about anywhere. Some people are growing their food year-round (even in the Colorado winter climate) in greenhouse domes kept warm by efficient wood burning stoves.

Aquaponics is not dependent on soil composition or rainfall and it doesn’t require a lot of space because it doesn’t require soil. Water is also conserved because it is recirculated an reused rather than lost through evaporation.

The benefits are numerous and will be explored in later chapters but for now, just enter you name & email below for the complete Aquaponics Starter Guide

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