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Indoor Winter Gardening

Indoor Winter Gardening

How many of you have tried indoor winter gardening? Indoor greenery will not only improve your mood during the winter months, but if you are successful, any vegetables will provide ...

How To Start A Fire

How To Start A Fire This is a guide to getting a fire started outdoors. When in the wilderness, you want to secure a source of water and shelter first. After that, the next step is ...
‘Winter Storm Warning’ Preparedness

Winter Storm Warning Preparedness

A Winter Storm Warning means that a winter storm is no longer just a possibility, but a certainty. While some winter storms are quite manageable in that they are a nuisance but not ...

10 Survival Tips to Save Your Feet During Winter Foot Travel

Trudging through the snow in the middle of winter isn’t exactly an ideal plan, but if you must do it during an emergency your feet are often the first casualty. As such, you should ...

Cold Weather Survival – Using C.O.L.D. to Stay Warm In Winter

With the seasons changing and the cold weather here, it is time to start thinking about staying warm and safe when the temps drop. Too many times have people succumb to the cold weather ...

How Much Survival Food Is Enough

On survival and preparedness websites, there are lots of posts related to food storage. Topics include subjects such as what is the best survival food, issues related to growing/harvesting ...

Best Fuels for Off-Grid Survival

In this article I’d like to review some of the most common sources of fuel for heating your home, cooking meals, heating water, and powering various machinery. Ranging from refined ...

Starter Guide to Aquaponics

When it comes to gardening and growing your own food, few technologies have a stronger potential impact on self sustainability and healthy living than aquaponics. In a world stricken ...

Storing Wine and Liquor for Emergencies

I hear alcohol mentioned in preparedness and survival discussions.  Many experts recommend storing bottles in your emergency supplies. Why consider alcohol for storage? Wine has ...

Make Drinking Water Safe with Bleach

Water. We can’t live without it. Not for long – only about 3 days. In fact, water is the one thing that we need the most, to survive. The general rule for storing water for an ...
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